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Launchpad Request Guidelines For Project Developers

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Selection Process: The team will carry out extensive research and due diligence both from the submitted application and external sources. We will take every precautionary step to ensure the project is solid — all to protect the community and investors.


is simple to use for any project that requires funding. Applicant projects will also gain exposure to potential participants and will be able to benefit from our expertise in the crypto space.
Any organization may apply to have their project launched on CeloLaunch. Some information will be compulsory from the project, mainly:
  • Identification Information or Company Information
  • Project Description & Documentation
  • Fund Raised & Fund To Raise
  • Liquidity Locked Amount
  • Liquidity Locked Period
  • Audit Result
The project may also seek assistance from the CeloLaunch Team and other partners on the IDO and future project developments. The project will be able to choose between CeloLaunch's base service offering and additional services such as operational or marketing crypto consultancy. Internal processes and the acceptance process will be carried out based on the aforementioned criteria.